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2014-2015 Officers and Directors


Moe Rheaume, President
Rheaume & Sons
1146 West Shore Road
Salisbury, VT 05769

Andy Hutchison, Vice-Pres.
Mr. Pleasant Sugarworks
1627 Shackett Rd.
Leicester, VT 05733

Barbara Rainville, Sec/Treas.
Airy Glen Sugarworks
598 Browns Road
Lincoln, VT 05443
453-5797 (h)


Mike Christian '14
Village Sugarworks
505 Main St.
Orwell, VT 05403

Don Dolliver '16
Brown Hill Sugarworks
1027 Big Hollow Rd.
Starksboro, VT 05487

Doug Dwy '15
790 Rte 73
Brandon, VT 05733

Bob LaDuc '15
LaDuc Acres
32 Royce Hill Rd.
Orwell, VT 05403

Bill Scott '14
170 Green St.
Vergennes, VT 05491

Maurice Trayah '16
Trayah's Rolling Hills
2131 VT Rte. 17
Starksboro, VT 05487

State Director

Maurice Trayah

Join us for a day of interactive maple education for all sizes of producers!

2015 Addison County Maple Seminar

Saturday, January 17

Middlebury Union High School (off Court Street), Middlebury, VT
Registration begins at 8:00 am • Welcoming Session begins at 9:00 am
Complimentary morning coffee, tea and maple cream doughnuts will be served

Learn to Make Better Maple Syrup! Talk with Experts!
Keep up with Trends! Share experiences! See new technology!


Early registration fee by January 10
$25 per person (includes hearty lunch)
$10 per person (no lunch)

Registration after January 10 and at the door:
$35 per person (includes hearty lunch)
$30 per person (no lunch)

For more information, call Barb Rainville at 802-453-5797. Send payment to ACMSA, 598 Browns Road, Lincoln, VT 05443


8:00-8:45Registration, Coffee and Doughnuts
9:00-10:15Welcome (in Auditorium)
State of Industry Discussion
10:30-11:45Session I
11:45-1:30Lunch and Trade Show
1:30-2:45Session II
3:00-4:15Session III
4:15Have a Safe Trip Home

Effective Tubing Design and Set-Up
JR Sloan
How to get the best out of your tubing set-up. From mainlines to drops, learn the best practices of how to set up an efficient tubing/vacuum system. Get tips whether your woods are flat, steep or somewhere in between.

Spout Technology
Hands on Experience—Glen Goodrich
Deciding the best type of spouts to use in your woods is a challenge. Glen Goodrich, of Cabot, will spend this session discussing his experience with a variety of spouts and spout “accessories”. He’ll help you sort out the hype and the marketing to help you understand the best products.

An Inside Look at Maple Finances
Mark Cannella, Betsy Miller, Chris Lindgren—UVM Extension
The Maple Business Benchmark has completed one year of detailed financial analysis with VT maple operations, ranging from 3,000 to 20,000 taps. This session with share results on investment requirements, cost of production and profitability. Attendees will see how the benchmark program provides analysis to support business decisions like adjusting prices to cover costs, evaluating new investments and managing expenses.

How to Make Money at Sugaring
Mike Farrell, Cornell Sugar Maple Research and Extension Program
Everyone has room to improve upon and grow our sugaring operations in a more profitable and productive manner. This session highlights a wide variety of steps you can take to increase your bottom line from sugarbush management, sap collection and processing, and marketing of the final products.

Sap Tracking
Nick Atherton, CDL
Do you know what’s going on in your woods? New sap tracking technology allows you to “see” into the woods from the house, car, or even in bed! Nick Atherton will present innovative systems - GPS programs, vacuum monitoring and tank sensors that can take the sleepless nights and long drives into the woods out of your sugaring operation.

How Do You Boil?
Representatives from Dominion & Grimm
Boiling with oil, wood, used cooking oil? A representative from D & G will discuss boiling with electricity as it compares to using other methods. Find out if you can boil with the sun!

Why Does the Sap Flow?
Dr. Abby van den Berg, Proctor Maple Research Center
Dr. van den Berg will review their research on the effects of tubing cleaning and replacement of spouts and drops strategies on sap yield.

3/16" Tubing?
Roundtable Discussion—Andy Hutchison, Moderator
Several years of use has shown great promise in getting good vacuum without the equipment when using 3/16" tubing. The roundtable discussion will help answer questions and cover issues when using 3/16" tubing.

Beginning Sugarmakers
George Cook, UVM Extension
In this two part session, George leads beginning sugarmakers from the tree to the sugarhouse, discussing taping, tubing, filtering basics and other techniques. The second session reviews boiling techniques, best practices when it comes to drawing syrup off, filtering, grading and canning.

Economics of Buying and Selling Sap
Mike Farrell, Cornell Sugar Maple Research and Extension Program
Purchasing sap can be one of the most profitable ways of expanding syrup production. This workshop covers everything you need to know on how to price raw sap when it is sold between someone who gathers the sap and a sugarmaker who processes it into syrup. You will learn how to determine whether buying/selling sap is a profitable venture and the finer points of getting into the sap buying business.

Good to The Last Drop
JR Sloan
JR makes thousands of gallons of syrup every year, he’ll discuss his methods of turning every drop of sap into syrup. Learn how to turn your cleaning processes into syrup production instead of dumping it down the drain.

“Game of Logging”
Allan Sands, Northeast Woodland Training
Woods safety is no game. Each year on average 2 sugarmakers are killed in accidents in the woods, these accidents do not need to happen. Allan will instruct participants how to look and assess the dangers and hazards in the woods.

Syrup Grading
Henry Marckres, VT Agency of Agriculture
You have worked to make the syrup, now learn how to properly grade your products. Correct grades can help you get the most out of your hard work. Discover some of the pitfalls in grading, canning and storage of syrup.

Tapping Birch and Walnut Trees for Syrup Production
Mike Farrell, Cornell Sugar Maple Res. and Ext. Prog.
This workshop explores the pros and cons of tapping alternative tree species, such as birches and walnuts, for sap and syrup production. You will learn about the differences in sap collection and processing as well as marketing opportunities for these unique products.